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I am currently working on updating this website and adding new features. Below are some of my current and future projects on my agenda. Check back often for updates!

Current Projects

Janitville Times

Welcome to Janitville, home of the film Zombie Dearest, and two more upcoming films by David Kemker and Mark Cavanagh. If I had to equate this site to anything I would say it is a demented and twisted version of The Onion. - [Visit the Site]


A monster of a website and project filled with insightful and truthful film reviews. This site is driven by independent art and is sure to appeal to anyone who is into independent film, the obscure and everything inbetween and outside of the Boxx. This site also covers articles, interviews, music reviews and so much more. If you have a taste for the grim, see what they have to offer. - [Visit the Site]

Stiletto Film Fest

The Stiletto Film Fest is in its 2nd year and is shaping up to be an event you won't want to miss! We are very excited about what we have planned and can't wait to see you all! Come join us February 25th, 2012 as we proudly celebrate female indie filmmakers & recognize "Women in Horror Month." - [Visit the Site]

Teri McMinn - Official Website

I have re-designed this from the ground up for the iconic Ms. Teri McMinn. This is her Official Fan Page. - [Visit the Site]

Trippi Tours

For those of you looking into visiting LaLa Land this is the website for you! Venice Beach Walking Tours, Self Guided Tours and more! Avoid the freeways and get some guidance from someone who knows all of the best places! - [Visit the Site]

The Wall

THE WALL is written and directed by the team that brought you Zombie Dearest, one of the smartest low-budget horror/comedies of the last five years... Two-time Best Feature Winner, Two-time Audience Favorite winner, Zombie Dearest was embraced by festivals, critics and filmmakers alike and is featured as one of the very few recommended picks in the soon-to-be released "Zombie Movie Encyclopedia 2000-2010" by Peter Dendle. - [Visit the Site]

Zombie Dearest

Zombie Dearest is a romantic black comedy with its very own take on the modern zombie; a scary, quirky comedy that delivers cult horror in an award-winning indie film (Winner, Audience Favorite at The First Time Film Festival in Los Angeles). What Zombie Dearest lacks in blood, guts and gore, it more than makes up for with comic characters, outrageously funny situations and memorable dialogue, making it "Frightening and Hilarious" (Dan Goldberg, producer of The Hangover ), a fun diversion for everyone from the dedicated Zombie Walk aficionado to fans of Shaun of the Dead, Fido or Zombieland. - [Visit the Site]

Current Projects in the Works

Pam Sezz - Teri's new line of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Merchandise

All items feature the graphics of the talented Tadeo Mendoza, and they are sharp looking! The items being sold are ideal for any Texas Chainsaw Massacre / horror enthusiast with an assortment of shirts and magnets. I know I wear my red short shorts shirt proudly everywhere I go!
(This site is NOT currently featuring my work and is under revision) - [Visit the Site]

Women In Horror Month

Women in Horror Month aims to empower people all year long in the process of getting creative and showcasing the horror films/art women create. We are here to assist/support you in launching *your own* film festivals, blog series’, convention, art show (creativity in all it’s many forms) with the intention of giving much deserved visibility to women working hard in all areas of the horror industry.
(This site is NOT currently featuring my work and is under revision) - [Visit the Site]
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